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  • Alaa left a review for Mountain View Casitas Apartments

    Feb 20 i payed my 1st month rent and deposit for a APT number 242 not 220
    With Lisa she's super nice lady so my wife came in to the country on February 22 and on March 1st it was saturday i went to sign a lease Lisa told me you need your wife to sign a lease with you. I called my wife and she's...

  • JC left a review for Barcelona Apartments

    You really don't want to live here. There are weekly plumbing problems. The air/heating uses a commercial chiller/air handler, meaning that you cannot have heat or a/c to your preference. The heat does not start until the outside maintained temperature is 50 degrees. The farther you are away from...

  • joe left a review for Avana Cypress Estates Apartments

    The price rate shown is not the rate offered nor what we paid. The referral fee is a LIE.. The front office is too unorganized and unaware how to process the referral fee. We recommended two tenants, that have been there, one for several months, and and the other a year. The BBQ pit has not been ...

  • Mariela left a review for Cascada del Sol Apartments

    I have been a resident at Cascada Del Sol for that last 3 years, the previous owners were awful. Since Living Well Homes has taken over I have seen a full 180 on the property, everything was renovated and fixed. I was able to transfer into a renovated unit and have never had any issues, maintenan...

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