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  • Amy left a review for Bellaire Silk Apartments

    OMG, these mexica kids are crazily yelling and screaming after school for many many hours. if I know it's so noisy here, I won't come to live here. I need study. I need take rest. and I need to wor...

  • na left a review for Papago Gardens Apartments

    WELCOME TO PAPAGO GARDENS- Now go home! The old bait & switch. They do it to everyone here. Show you a really nice apt model- different tone paints & NEW floors and plush carpets- then they s...

  • gigi left a review for Baywind Apartments

    All i can say is the manger is greedy raises the rent 200-300 dollars a year bad bad it used to be beautiful here but good all well.

  • LB1020 left a review for Art Avenue Apartments

    Beautiful apartments but terrible service. Extremely unprofessional employees.

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