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  • Julie left a review for Villa Royale Apartments

    7 years here. Love it. The office is nice. Maintenance is good. I moved from downstairs because upstairs has a bigger closet and closed in balcony.
    my apartment is very big. I do laundry insi...

  • Shar left a review for Residences at Morgan Falls Apartments

    The apartments are nice but property under new management who can care less about what is going on in the community. There have been apartments that have been robbed and a neighbor just had the tir...

  • Amy left a review for Bellaire Silk Apartments

    OMG, these mexica kids are crazily yelling and screaming after school for many many hours. if I know it's so noisy here, I won't come to live here. I need study. I need take rest. and I need to wor...

  • na left a review for Papago Gardens Apartments

    WELCOME TO PAPAGO GARDENS- Now go home! The old bait & switch. They do it to everyone here. Show you a really nice apt model- different tone paints & NEW floors and plush carpets- then they s...

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